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Diddy Shows Off His Body In Ibiza

(CelebNMusic247) While Ryan Leslie is struggling to get his music heard, Bad Boy head honcho Diddy posted some pics of himself getting some sun in Ibiza.

While Diddy is living the lavish life and none of us are, we notice he is sippin on some Spanish whites while floating in the infinity pool.  Must be nice, right? Flip and see what popping with Sean Combs

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Jay-Z & Beyonce Tops Forbes List For Highest Paid Couple

(CelebNMusic247) Once again Jay-Z and Beyonce are making headlines for having major money in the bank.

The power couple, have once again been named the highest-paid celebrity couple, according to Forbes magazine.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter have an estimated annual income of $78 million, which is Beyonce’s $40 million and Jay-Z’s $38 million combined. And go to think, Jay used to say Beyonce had play money compared to his bank account. Seems the two are pretty equal these days when it comes to Forbes and having money to rely on for life. _ Flip and read on…

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Melanie Paige Smith Doesn’t Want T.O.’s Child Support Reduced

(CelebNMusic247) It was just a matter of time before the good news was tarnished with some baby mama drama from Melanie Paige Smith.

Terrell Owens baby mama, Melanie Paige Smith and his other baby mamas are dead serious about him paying up on his duties as a father. Word is none of them want the child support reduced, becuase  they can’t live without it and it is their only source of income.  – Flip and read on…

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