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Sinead O’Connor Found After Posting Suicide Letter

Sinead O’Connor Found After Posting Suicide Letter!!!

BREAKING: Singer Sinead O’Connor Found After Posting Suicide Letter on her Facebook which hinted that she allegedly took an overdose of pills due to a “horrific set of betrayals.” has these breaking details on Sinead O’Connor inside:…

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Jennifer Lawrence: ‘People Feel Less Guilty Taking From You’


Entertainment Weekly

Jennifer Lawrence: ‘People Feel Less Guilty Taking From You’!!!

In the new Entertainment Weekly Mag, Hunger Games and Joy star Jennifer Lawrence opens up about having more money, Jenifer Lawrence: ‘People Feel Less Guilty Taking From You’.

Its only been five years since J Law made her mark in film with Winter’s Bone, which was the movie that proved she was a true up and coming in Hollywood. The next year Jennifer appeared in Like Crazy, followed by the Jodie Foster Mel Gibson film The Beaver. But it was X-Men: First Class that put her on the map. She portrays the younger Raven / Mystique, originally played by Rebecca Romijn in the 2000 Marvel film, X Men.

It was The Hunger Games that catapulted her to household name and superstar celebrity. For Lawrence, fame came like a tidal wave, but she’s the muse to director David O. Russell.

The truly funny and silly and “real”, Jennifer, who has now been dubber Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer of the Year for 2015 opened up on how time, fame and having money has changed her surroundings and the people around her.

She alludes “People start to feel a lot less guilty when you become bigger or have more money.” has some highlights from the interview with EW:

Being part of two franchises:

“It’s crazy. I signed on to these projects when I was 20 years old. I remember being like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be 25 when I’m finished. It seemed so far away.”

Saying goodbye to Katniss:

“It does feel over. It didn’t for a while and I didn’t think it would ever sink in, but it has now. It feels over. And that’s okay. It’s okay to move on.”

Working with David O. Russell:

“David and I will never, ever, ever, ever not do movies together. I love him so much that sometimes I can’t talk about him without tearing up. Look! I’m tearing up. I understand every look, every eyeball move, every word he says or doesn’t say. We were made for each other.”

The problem with squading in Hollywood:

“People start to feel a lot less guilty when you become bigger or have more money. People feel less guilty taking from you because it’s like stealing a Snickers from Duane Reade [drugstore]. People forget about the personal drain or attack that you feel. I have a very small circle [of friends]. The moment I feel like someone is using me or is in it for the wrong reasons, I have zero guilt about just cutting them the f— out of my life. My bulls— detector is phenomenal. None of my friends bulls— me. Everything in my life has to be real.”

Her wage gap essay:

“Some news show called my essay a ‘bratty display’ and I was like, thank you for proving my point. Would you have called a man a brat? I was very clear: My problems are not relatable. This is not about money. I don’t need money, I have plenty of money, I’m already overpaid. What I was trying to write about was how my own mentality was getting in my own way…It is harder for a woman to be blunt than a man. It just is. We’re not victims because we have vaginas – we need to push through that idea. I feel like I’ve stopped all that bullsh–. I say exactly what I mean. I can see that it takes people aback at first, but then they see that’s how you operate: straightforwardly. It’s about being assertive with your voice and not being ashamed.”

The best thing to happen to her all year:

“The best thing that happened this year was when my friend Amy [Schumer] and I got so drunk that we ended up on the top of Billy Joel’s piano. So just to explain further we were on Piano Man’s piano…She was like, ‘If you try to leave I’ll grab onto you and keep grabbing onto you until the end of the song so just stay.’ And that was really cool because she didn’t have to share that piano with me.”

What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence saying that ‘People Feel Less Guilty Taking From You’?

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FameFlynet Pictures

Chris Hemsworth: Hollywood Makes You A Narcissist

Chris Hemsworth Star of the Ron Howard film In The Heart Of The Sea says Hollywood Makes You A Complete Narcissist

FameFlynet Pictures

Chris Hemsworth: Hollywood Makes You A Narcissist!!!

Hollywood Hunk and star of star of Thor and his latest film In The Heart Of The Sea, Chris Hemsworth: Hollywood Makes You A Narcissist!

Hemsworth, was recently spotted at a photo call for his latest film In The Heart Of The Sea held at the Hotel St. Regis on Monday (November 23) in Mexico City, Mexico. has learned via an interview with Vanity Fair has a different outlook on Hollywood and trying to stay grounded. The 32-year-old actor apparently finds it hard to keep level when Hollywood keeps inflating his ego.

Chris Hemsworth recently opened about the downfalls of Hollywood:

“[The industry] is set up to turn you into a complete narcissist.”

“You just kind of lose touch with reality a bit here. You drive down the street and you’re constantly reminded of everything you’re either involved in or not involved in. It’s exhausting.”

The film is directed by Ron Howard and produced by Will Ward.

We are happy that Chris Hemsworth is still able to recognize that Hollywood loves to build up actors and make them feels untouchable. Hopefully he NEVER becomes a celebrity that feels entitled like many actors starting out and reality TV stars who believe their own hype.

In The Heart Of The Sea hits theaters on December 11th.

What do you think about Chris Hemsworth saying that Hollywood Makes You A complete Narcissist?

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sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-1

Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello Wedding Photos

sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-1


Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello Wedding Photos!!!

It’s Official, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Tie the Knot in Palm Beach and we have all the Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello Wedding Photos.

Sophia took to social media to chronicle her $4 million dollar wedding to her handsome hunk and Magic Mike star, Joe Manganiello.

Their gorgeous wedding took place on Sunday during a romantic wedding at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

The ceremony began at 7 p.m. in front of gathered guests, which included Vergara’s Modern Family costars, Reese Witherspoon and Channing Tatum.

sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-12

Instagram has the details via People:

Vergara, 43, who recently admitted she had a little bit of “bridezilla” in her and is very detail-oriented, pulled out all the stops for the nuptials. The festivities included a weekend full of fun, including a pool party, a sumptuous rehearsal dinner and a pre-wedding bash that included Manganiello serenading his bride-to-be with “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

At the Sunday ceremony, Vergara wore a custom Zuhair Murad Couture design as she walked down the aisle. The ceremony was indoors, inside a small area decorated with white roses, orchids and hydrangeas. The actress went without a veil and carried a bouquet of orchids.

Instead of exchanging the typical “I dos,” the couple instead said “I will” in front of a minister and members of the wedding party read passages from the Bible in both Spanish and English. Vergara and Manganiello also recited their own vows. The emotional ceremony included a lot of laughter and happy tears from the guests.

sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-2


sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-3


sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-4


sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-5


sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-6


Instead of receiving traditional gifts, the newly wedded couple asked guests to send a donation to one of two charities close to their hearts: St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital.

Sophia enjoyed dancing with family and friends at the wedding reception where Vergara had a table of assorted cakes.

A video posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

The wedding was all in while floral design while the reception was in red for love. Both floral arrangement were gorgeous and we heard that the flowers alone cost $1 million.

sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-10



sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-11


Joe even serenaded his wife Sophia at the reception…it was a magical evening for the celebrity couple.

sofia vergara joe manganiello wedding photos-1123-13


Congratulations to Sofia and Joe…may your marriage be blessed.

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