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Usher Throws Tameka Under The Bus In Court

(CelebNMusic247) For a short minute, Tameka Raymond and Usher were working together after her son was fatally injured. Tameka’s son died later in the week, after doctors diagnosed him brain dead.

Welp, things are back to usually and Usher and Tameka have their boxing glove back on and are battling it out in court.

Usher and Tameka Raymond returned to court yesterday to hash out their child custody agreement.

Usher testified that that he never knows who’s watching his kidsTameka has them. He also stated that he NEVER finds any of this out until he finds out in court.

Usher testified,

“It’s alarming that I never know who was actually on the trip, who was with them, who was caretaking for them. Was the nanny there, was it a relative, was it a family member or one of the other children watching the kids?

Was it a cousin, or an uncle…I don’t know, I never know. I never get any information unfortunately until we’re in court.”

Not to be ugly, but that explains the other incident. Parenting is a full time job and if you’re NOT there for your children then who is?

I’m sorry, but I hope Usher wins this and we can all breathe a little lighter.

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Mimi Faust Does PSA For Hate Crimes Against Women

(CelebNMusic247) Mimi Faust does PSA for Hate Crimes against women!

MiMi Faust joins the ranks along with K. Michelle who release her PSA last week to help Saving Our Daughters unite to stop hate crimes against women.

MiMi supports, “I am Here… to Yell Confidence” fundraising drive with her new PSA.

Take immediate action with Mimi to stop hate crimes against women, donation today and help a woman in need.

Watch below…

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Dr. Dre Tweet’s Pic From Set of NWA Movie

(CelebNMusic247) Rapper/producer Dr. Dre tweeted a photo him with director F. Gary Gray on the set of the upcoming N.W.A. movie.

it looks as thing on off to a great start and the movie is currently in production. Although  casting details haven’t been completely divulged and a release date is yet to be set, the pic set off a buzz among hip hop fans.

Dr Dre Tweeted his followers:

“Dre & F Gary Gray – The NWA Movie kicks off the collaboration!”

“Expect more incredible projects from this powerhouse duo.”

The production has been casting since the spring.

Former group members Ice Cube and MC Ren are also reportedly taking a hands-on approach with the film. An inside source leaked to us that Ice Cubes son will be taking on Ice in the movie, though nothing has been confirmed – we will keep you posted on the film.

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