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‘The Soul Man’ Laughs it up with Tim Reid

(CelebNMusic247) ‘The Soul Man’ Laughs it up with Tim Reid

Things get a little bit funnier on this weeks breakout hit on TVLand The Soul Man.

The Soul Man is hilarious – Boyce (Cedric “The Entertainer”) and Lolli (Niecy Nash) have great onscreen chemistry which makes the show a fun-filled half hour on Wednesday nights on TVLand. The Exs follows The Soul Man, both shows are perfection.

In this weeks episode, Tim Reid joins the cast as Boyce’s  longtime friend Henry.

Check the synopsis:

Boyce (Cedric “The Entertainer”) brings the family and choir with him to Las Vegas for fun and relaxation. Things go awry when Barton (John Beasley) is tempted by sin at the casino managed by Boyce’s longtime friend Henry (Tim Reid). Lolli (Niecy Nash) has trouble with the church ladies and Stamps (Wesley Jonathan) takes Boyce’s spot in a round of celebrity golf.

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USA Basketball Olympian James Harden Shirtless

(CelebNMusic247) USA Basketball Olympian James Harden Shirtless.

Welp, ladies Team USA basketball Olympian, James Harden was spotted out and about having fun shirtless.

Apparently James Harden, tried to one-up Kobe by wearing a cowboy hat and no shirt with the ladies. Bryant was spotted shirtless as well and it seems the teammates are trying to see who has the better body or something.

I’m not mad at him, even though he looks like he crashed a R. Kelly video shoot, “Fiesta.”

Back in July, Before Team USA arrived in London, the team stopped in Barcelona for a few tune-up games. However, Kobe Bryant made his way to the club and somehow in the night  managed to lose his shirt with a couple of females around him.

Here are the infamous Kobe shirtless pic:

We ask you, who would you rather sleep with James Harden or Kobe Bryant? Who has the better body?

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Tony Scott Did NOT Have Inoperable Brain Cancer

(CelebNMusic247) Tony Scott Did NOT Have Inoperable Brain Cancer!

According to a new discovery, director Tony Scott did NOT have inoperable brain cancer, or any type of brain cancer.

Scott’s family has come forth to dispel the RUMORS that have been circling that he took his life jumping off a bridge after finding out he had brain cancer.

Scott’s wife told investigators the rumor that Tony had inoperable brain cancer is “absolutely false.”

Autopsy results have been deferred pending more tests, and so far sources are saying that there is no sign or evidence of brain cancer.

Furthermore, Tony Scott’s wife also has confirmed that he did not have any other severe medical issues that would have caused him to take his own life.


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