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Tameka Raymond Sounds Off On Twitter!

(CelebNMusic247) Tameka Raymond Sounds Off On Twitter!

Even after the final arguements in court on Friday, an unhappy and angry Tameka Raymond sontinues to fire shots at ex-hubby Usher.

Tameka has taken he opinions a step further with the bitter child custody battle, blaming the whole mess squarely at the feet of Usher’s new girlfriend/manager Grace Miguel.

Tameka Raymond sounds off on Twitter with:

Tameka adds:

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‘Expendables 2’ Reviews Are In: Cheesier, Bloodier & Action-Packed

(CelebNMusic247) ‘Expendables 2’ Reviews Are In: Cheesier, Bloodier & Action-Packed

 We will tell you this from the jump,  The Expendables 2 has even more action movie icons, its bigger, bloodier, more tongue-in-cheek violence and its full of cheesy one liners. One of the funniest things about this new genre action film is that it pokes fun at all the one liners from each of the action stars films of yester-year. For example the movie uses everyone of Chuck Norris‘ film titles in three sentences. When we watched the film the audience was non-stop laughter. Other great moments are with Arnold and Willis as they recite each others lines to each other and mock the Terminator and Die Hard franchises. The movie hits the mark.

See what reviewers are saying about the sequel to The Expendables:


“It almost hurts to think about The Expendables. It was simply heartbreaking to see such a great concept squandered, buried in a mire of terrible effects, ridiculous over-exposited story and worst of all, poorly shot and cut action sequences. How could they have brought together some of the greatest living action stars for a modern action film, a seemingly simple endeavor, and still managed to screw up? So it was with “fool me once” eyes that we as action movie lovers gobbled up news stories on the inevitable sequel.”

Huffington Post

“The good news is that The Expendables 2 gives you more of what you wanted the first time around.  There is a greater volume of action and the film has even more A-list action stars offering their services this time around.  The picture is rarely dull and often amusing, but at what cost?  The film barely tries to pretend that it exists as an actual motion picture, with the various onscreen tough guys openly referencing their iconic roles or real-life biographies in a manner that takes you out of the movie each time.  The first picture may have been light on the A-level firepower, but it attempted to be a real film with an actual story and token attempts at depth.”


“Expendables 2 is visually and technically coherent enough to set the movie on the exact ground it needs to be: where its cast can dive in with both feet and enjoy playing up their images as onscreen icons of badass. Does that mean the film is a superiorly crafted piece of genre entertainment? No. It’s still an overflowing river of macho-cheese with half a plot, bad acting and some truly shoddy camera work at times – but if vintage macho-cheese is what you’re after, this movie delivers a big heaping plate of it – much more than the first film, if that can be believed – and features some iconically awesome (and hilarious) onscreen moments.”

Wall Street Journal

You pretty much know what you’re getting with “The Expendables 2?: a group of past-and-present action stars wisecracking and blowing stuff up real good. The surprise, say critics, is that this sequel tops its predecessor in just about every way; sure, it’s dumb, loud, and a little too self-conscious, but it’s got enough muscular action and funny one-liners to delight the popcorn crowd. Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) has a seemingly straightforward task for the Expendables, whose ranks include Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and, this time out, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when the plan goes awry, our heroes seek revenge against a certain Belgian baddie. “The Expendables 2? is currently at 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer; check out some of the reviews here:

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BET Taps Kelly Rowland To Star In New Pilot ‘What Would Dylan Do’

(CelebNMusic247) BET Taps Kelly Rowland To Star In New Pilot ‘What Would Dylan Do’.

Word is, Kelly Rowland, 31, is spreading her acting wings and reportedly is starring in a BET comedy pilot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show, titled What Would Dylan Do, will feature Rowlandstarring as a character named Dylan, a struggling L.A.-based relationship blogger who lives with her best friend Cherise (Gabrielle DennisThe Game) and wealthy and divorced roommate Brooke (Melanie LiburdStrike Back). The show will be executive produced by Warren Hutcherson.

Rowland is no stranger to TV. Most recently, she was a judge on the U.K. version of The X Factor, she’s also been featured on American Dreams, The HughleysGirlfriends and Single Ladies.

Seems BET is doing a change-up on their line up with some humor.

This must be an attempt to clean up the stagnant image that reality shows like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has deplicted for the black community.

The concept sounds funny, hopefully its executed properly and gets the point across.

We’ll see.

Good Luck Kelly.

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