Cassie Allegedly Pregnant by Baby Daddy Alex Fine

Rumors are swirling that Diddy’s longtime ex-girlfriend Cassie is now pregnant by her new man and baby daddy Alex Fine.

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Cassie Allegedly Pregnant by Baby Daddy Alex Fine is hearing all sort of chatter that Cassie is expecting a baby according to a report made by The Shaderoom who is claiming that an inside source close to Cassie spilled the beans on her.

The source is claiming that Cassie has a bun in the oven by her baby daddy Alex Fine.

We are questioning the source because Cassandra aka Cassie posted a photo of herself 7 days ago and she looks snatched. No baby bump there, but the photo could be old, so we will keep you posted.

If you recall, Cassie and Alex started dating late last year after she split with Diddy. The two were rumored to have broken up, but apparently, they have NOT and now there is talk of a baby on the way?

This is interesting since Cassie was in an 11-year relationship with Diddy and the couple NEVER had a child.

You might also recall that Cassie was with Diddy, who was still doing his thing and co-parenting with his late wife Kim Porter who shockingly passed away last year from pneumonia.

Diddy made accusations that Cassie was cheating on him, which caused the split.

Anyways, Cassie, 32, has been out of the public eye for over a month. She was last spotted attending the funeral of Nipsey Hussle on April 11, 2019. In general, she’s been lowkey this year, not doing many red carpet events or awards shows.

Here is what’s being said on social media:

Cassie Allegedly Pregnant by Baby Daddy Alex Fine

Cassie Allegedly Pregnant by Baby Daddy Alex Fine

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