Cassie Ain’t Buying it Diddy #Hungover

Ok after being together 11 years Cassie and Diddy Split.

Let’s not forget just a couple weeks ago it was rumored that Cassie and Diddy were expecting and then came the split. Followed by Cassie weighing in on why she left. Read on because now Diddy is professing his love, but on social media and she ain’t buying into the hype…

Cassie Ain't Buying Diddy's Social Media Hype reports that Cassie is DONE with Diddy and in the video, she posted over the weekend you can see how DONE she is.

To all of us on the outside, Diddy‘s gesture looks like a heartfelt one, but let’s be real ladies if a man like Diddy took to social media what is that telling you?

Apparently, he doesn’t have time from daddyhood or is he just too busy to call her, show up at her house or pull a pop up to show he loves her.

Instead, Cassie gets a lousy song apology on social media? What is he a senior in high school? Yeah, this type of stuff works in your teens and twenties, but once you hit 30, NO WAY! NO GOOD!

Cassie apparently sees right through it and posted this video to show the world how DONE she is.

We say hold you ground Cassie, this is a man that you invested 11 years with, so like you said prior “F These Hoes.”


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Just because he is Diddy does NOT mean its cool he sleeps around and makes you second best. Girl, you are FINE and a brutha who looks like him should hold on.

The only thing that gives him good looks is his $820 million net worth and empire, according to Forbes. #FACTS

Using a Michael Jackson love songs ain’t cutting it, sir. ‘If anyone sees Cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times,’ Diddy wrote alongside a screenshot of The Lady in My Life, from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.

He is hoping she gets the lyrics from MJ’s song from the 80s:

And baby through the years / Even when we’re old and gray / I will love you more each day/ ‘Cause you will always be the lady in my life’ The 1982 song sees the late singer wanting another chance with the love of his life.


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