Cardi B’s BFF Star Brim Would SPANK Rah Ali

Cardi B's BFF Star Brim Would SPANK Rah Ali

Cardi B’s bestie Star Brim is keeping it bute for all the “crusty lipped b–ches” on her very first episode on her “Keepin It Bute” podcast.

Star Brim said she would “spank” Rah Ali if she sees her, following the brawl between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at the Harper’s Bazaar NYFW event last year. Read on… has the latest from Star Brim who is stirring the pot and rehashing the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj brawl that went down during Harper’s Bazaar NYFW event.

Star Brim said on the first episode of her new podcast, “Keepin’ It Bute” that Rah Ali best watch her back.

Brim said:

If I was at that sh-t, I would’ve spanked Rah. If I see Rah right now, I’ll still spank Rah. So it really doesn’t matter. If I could’ve got to Nicki it would’ve gone down too. But that b-tch is well protected.

Star adds:

But it would not have gone down the way it went down. I don’t even know how it went down like that. I’m sorry, I be too overprotective of my friend. Not even because she’s a celebrity. But it’s because I’m just more aggressive than her and I’ve seen everything she’s been through. I was there while she was crying. I was there when nobody wanted her to go further in life. When she was busting her a*s to go here and go there. So it was like, you ain’t gonna pick on my friend. I own all my friends. To me, every friend that I have, you’re mine. I own you. Like, you’re my kid. You’re mine.

She says she is real protective of Cardi.

Star has received some backlash and harssh criticism after airing her first episode, so Brim took to her social feed and clarified she was answering a question.

She NEVER said she actually touched Rah, she said she would have SPANKED her if she was there. Front and Center. Period!

Cardi B's BFF Star Brim Would SPANK Rah Ali

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