Cardi B Seeking $30 Million From Ex-Manager Shaft

Cardi B Seeking $30 Million From Ex-Manager Shaft

Cardi B is entangled in a nasty court battle with her ex-manager Shaft and is now demanding $30 milling in damages.

Get the latest update on Cardi B who has filed an amended lawsuit against her ex-manager. Read on to see why Cardi B Seeking $30 million…

Cardi B Seeking $30 Million From Ex-Manager Shaft has learned that Cardi B is now seeking $30 million in damages from her former manager Shaft. She is also detailing the laundry list of things she believes he did wrong while managing her.

Cardi B has upped her asking the amount of monies owed.

She was once seeking $15 million in damages but now wants $10 million in compensatory damages and another $20 million in punitive damages.

According to Cardi, she is claiming that Shaft made her believe her interests were being protected but she says they were not, according to court docs obtained by The Blast.

Cardi is also accusing Shaft of taking a bigger cut of her income than allowed.

She is again asking for his lawsuit against her to be dismissed and her counter-suit to continue on.

Cardi B counter-sued Raphael seeking $15 million in damages, accusing him of screwing her over after she entrusted him and his companies with many aspects of her business affairs.

The former Love & Hip Hop star turned female rapper said:

He took advantage of her “trust and naiveté and persuaded her to sign contracts and to enter into deals in which Mr. Raphael attempted to take an unreasonable and unconscionable portion of [her] earnings in the entertainment industry for himself.”

Back in 2015, Cardi B said she signed her deal with Raphael’s company, which provided her former manager with a 20% cut of her earnings. She said he breached their deal by failing to provide monthly accounting, failed to appoint an independent business manager. Her big mistake was that she did all this without an attorney.

Both cases are still ongoing.

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