Cardi B Public Service Announcement “Stop Putting Her On F’n Blast”

Cardi B Public Service Announcement "Stop Putting Her On F'n Blast"

Cardi B took to social media to let all her fans know NOT to put her on “f—ing blast” when she is out and about.

The “Wish Wish” rapper released a public announcement urging her fans to be chill when they see her out. Read on hear Cardi B Public Service Announcement reports that Cardi B has a simple request for her fans with regards to seeing her in public.


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Cardi B Public Service Announcement, “when y’all see me, can y’all please not scream out my name?” She would prefer that when you see her in public just come up to her calmly and keep it on the low.

She wants to greet her fans but she can’t handle the overzealous fans who yelling her name and causing a scene. She understands being star struck but please respect her privacy, especially in moments when she tries to remain unnoticed.

Cardi says:

Just come up to me and say hi, you know, I be trying to be low-key.

She continues, mentioning previous failed attempts at making important and slightly embarrassing purchases like Target panties.

Cardi Venom has not asked fans to stop bothering her altogether, she just claims that fans blast her in the act by screaming loudly and excitedly. It “blows her cover.”

Basically, Cardi wants her supporters to stop putting her on blast and we believe it is a reasonable request.

Check out Cardi lipsyncing to her song “Wish Wish” off DJ Khaled’s Father of Asad album:


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