Cardi B + Nicki Minaj Proof White People Right

Cardi B + Nicki Minaj Proof White People Right

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj beef at the Haper Bazaar Icon Party is a disgrace!

The fight at the Plaza Hotel was NOT the place to have a hip-hop feud. Read on for more details…

OK, would like to start off saying why did Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have to act up and the premier event for New York Fashion Week?

#FACTS: The fight was 30 seconds long, Cardi threw the shoe according to the video below at 10:53 pm and she was out the door at 10:54 pm.

See, what hip hop fan needs to understand is this, the music is great, and it makes a lot of money, but when two black women in the music industry fight at an elite, premiere event it gives white people a chance to “I knew they were ghetto.”

The next statement that follows is “you can take them out of the hood, but they still are hood.” The derogatory statements are endless and every socialite, high-class society and in the fashion world will be looking down their nose at Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Advice to Cardi B + Nicki Minaj:

We Love both ladies, but time and place is key. And the Plaza was NOT the time nor the place. Who cares if Nicki talked about her baby, at least she has a child and a man who is by her side. So what if Offset was having a good time in the strip club.

Cardi should know that you don’t bring your man to the beach and you don’t let him wonder on the beach alone around THOTs looking for a come up!

As for, Nicki Minaj has NEVER made herself look like a ratchet hood rat. This is the first time Nicki has dropped her self and made herself look unladylike. We can say one thing, she’ll NEVER do it again. Plus, she didn’t run out of the plaza like Cinderella at midnight.

Cardi B we have a couple words for you:

Cardi, we love you, but girl this is not a Mona Scott-Young production. Not all press is good press and STOP giving white people the chance to say they knew you were a hood rat.

If you don’t like Nicki, then keep it moving. Glare at her whatever, but STOP looking like Mariahlynn on LHHNY. You have a career, but if you keep up the stupid, you can end up off the list, looking in, like before.

We have thought about this and there is NO WINNER in this melee. Both ladies are guilty of acting up at a premiere event. hopes that Cardi and Nicki have learned from this because trust there will be other events you both have to attend. And, Cardi, girl you are the newbie, you need to check yourself and don’t make the same mistakes Nicki did.

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