Cam'Ron Bodies Mase with "Dinner Time" Diss Track

Cam’Ron Bodies Mase with “Dinner Time” Diss Track


Things getting started with Cam’Ron! Killa Cam wasted no time and just released his “Dinner Time” where he goes at Mase about a bunch of things from their past.

Cam’Ron points out many things that was known in the industry and rumored. Killa puts it ALL out there and actually EXPOSES Diddy and 50 Cent. Read on…

Cam'Ron Bodies Mase with "Dinner Time" Diss Track has the latest from Cam’Ron with “Dinner Time” that he dropped at 10:30 pm EST responding to Mase’s “The Oracle” diss track.

Mase has unleashed Killa Cam today. The Dipset instantly started CLAPPING BACK on Instagram about Mase promising a diss track.

Cam’Ron penned in an Instagram caption, announcing the arrival of the new track:

“It’s up. Hope Y’all enjoy da facts. No fake sisters..etc.. just da dildos on ya sink, when u was living wit puff, the Cory Wright, rock from Jefferson, and blinky blink, slaps etc. now go back home to Florida ???#TheProgram, Y’all see this it’s right ?????? ya man I hope he wit the shits tho!…

Cam'Ron Bodies Mase with "Dinner Time" Diss Track

Cam is NOT playing – he says that he’s “Petty Ready” confirming the rumors that “Diddy f-cked ya and then passed ya over to 50 [Cent] and he finger popped ya.”

Cam spits a series of hard verses in response to Mase’s “The Oracle” diss track. He goes in on Mase talking about when he came ova to Diddy’s place, “the time I came ova and found a dildo in the sink and asked what the f-cks up?”

This is some of Cam’s best work. Maybe Mase dissin him put that fire back in his spit.

Take a look Cam’Ron’s “Dinner Time” Lyrics [NOTE this is only the first half]”

I need somebody to talk to me tonight
You remember how well you use to sing it?
I can’t sing that song
Young man looked at me and asked why you can’t sing it?
You know what he told

Time to get the facts across
Ohh, somebody pissed the pastor off
I’m all for the jokes, bundle up, get your coat
But, I only go for the throat, I’ma chimney, I work the smoke
You done opened up a door, I’m petty, ready for war
I ain’t got a sister, only sister I fucked was yours
I know the bars of the Program touched you
How you mad at me, though you let Mr. (???) touch you (facts)
Do what you must do

Me, I’m getting my just due
But, who you talking tough to? Blinky just snuffed you
Puff fucked you, we’ve seen in those binoculars
Passed you to 50, he was finger popping ya’
Then, he took it back like a fly bitch that was popular

You’re 42 still saying “Ain’t no stopping ya”
You know my deals, liquor, movies, and flashy kicks
How you talking deals? Your last deal was 96′
Your flight book it, talking about I’m crooked
Man, I don’t steal, if I took something I took it
Pastor Mason, no fabrication
We’re winnin’ see all these people you spinning
I’ll take it to the beginning
When Corey Wright japped you, Baby Maine yapped you
Roc over here slapped you, you still gave him dap too
That’s when I asked you, murder was the verdict
You said, “Nah chill Cam, I feel like I deserved it”
What type of shit is that?

Nigga, you a queer
My crib in Orlando, I had that for years
The Program gave you the biz
You know exactly what this is
I got homes where you hide, I hustle where you live

Max B from my building, nigga who you getting wavy off of?
Fugazi baby, going off that water not Avian
Listening to Suga J, look, he gon play you wrong
Carmelo took Lala, Meek Mill took his baby mom

The aptly-titled “Dinner Time” comes produced by the Heatmakerz and addresses all the hot-button issues brought to light in this spat between the two emcees.

Check it:

After Cam dropped the diss track he posted this from Mase:

Cam'Ron Bodies Mase with "Dinner Time" Diss Track


Is this beef already done? Or will Mase respond?

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