Cam Coldheart Ready for Round Two with Da Baby

Cam Coldheart Ready for Round Two with Da Baby

Ya got to get both sides of the story, ya feel!  Cam Coldheart says the media is a beast right now twisting the truth while calling out Da Baby!

Coldheart says he ain’t ready to take no L from the altercation yesterday inside the Louis Vuitton store. Read on to see why Cam Coldheart Ready for Round Two… has the latest hip hop beef between Cam Coldheart and Da Baby after he claims that he DM’d Baby the night before and was trying to get to the bottom of whole stole his phone.

But wasn’t he recording the incident with his phone???

Anyways Cam Colheart took to Instagram to give his side of the altercation calling out Da Baby for his media-hyped knock out punch.

I guess we wanna know is how did he fall on the ground and his pants ended up around his ankles. Check out backstory here…

That was the twisted part, but check out Da Baby pulling a one round KO and now Cam is heated because he ready to take no L.

They said they see on camera somebody took my phone they know who but I don’t know who? it must be petty as broke boys out here Cappin need an iPhone on da c max right now, Keep dat whoever did dat?? COLDHEARTED 2 at all platforms any day now. Sis shot don’t do shit but make me Colder? take the L and go hide in my corner huh. Yea right y’all MFS wish??COLDHEART HERE FOREVER????


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