Ceasar BLASTS Alex Slutty Ways


(CelebNMusic247-News) Ceasar BLASTS Alex Slutty Ways

Black Ink Crew isn’t filming their new season yet, but things are heating up with former receptionist Alex Estevez lawsuit against the VH1 series producers!

Yesterday news broke that former Black Ink receptionist Alex Estevez was suing the producers of VH1 reality show Black Ink Crew claiming that they’re the ones behind the infamous roofie slip.

According to the lawsuit filed by Alex, she is also claiming that the producers also edited the episode to make her look like a slut.

Sure they did Alex, what ever makes you feel better. We just have to ask, why did it take so long for you to sue the producers of the show? Why not right off the jump during season 1, because Black Ink owner Ceaser says editing doesn’t have anything to do with it…

In fact, Ceaser dishes the dirt on the situation and is calling Alex a liar.

Here is what Ceasar said to TMZ 

“Ain’t no one give her s**t. She was drunk off Henny. You can see from her behavior no one gave her any drugs, or tried to make her anything she’s not.”

“You don’t have to give a slut drugs to do what she naturally does.”

Ceas tweeted this philosophical statement:

Like most thing in life and with people, the truth seems to prevail when alcohol is involved.