Busta Rhymes FIRES BACK at 50 Cent

Busta Rhymes is FIRING BACK at 50 Cent and he is NOT too pleased with the BS coming from the Queens rap star.

The Flipmode Squad leader has been working on a new album since Spliff Star is in better health these days.

Read on to see what Trevor George Smith Jr., better known as Busta Rhymes...

Busta Rhymes FIRES BACK at 50 CentCelebNMusic247.com has the latest from the 46-year-old rap star after 50 Cent decided to troll him over the weekend.

Cassanova told 50 Cent to watch out because Busta would F*** HIM UP! And now, he finally responded to the G-Unit head honcho’s posts that have been deleted. more backstory here…

Busta Rhymes responded to 50 Cent roasting him about his weight:

Damn, I’m just payin’ attention to what’s goin’ on cause I been busy finishin’ this new album… I heard yo ass was ackin’ up my brother @50cent. ???!! Your tough look looks funny as hell you tight button face havin’ ass nigga ????. You look like you was smellin’ shit like yo bandana stink you rancid face lookin’ ass mu’f*cka… ???????F**k you startin’ wit me for?!. That’s why I’m a keep bustin’ yo ass and EVERY FUCKIN’ BODY else ass on EVERY STAGE!!! You deflated tire performin’ face @ss n***a!!! ?????? Now you need to go get EVERY Strapp!!!! ????!!!!!

Busta Rhymes FIRES BACK at 50 Cent

50 Cent acknowledges that he was going to back off of poking fun at Rhymes, but that didn’t stop him from FIRING BACK.

Over the weekend Busta put on BLAST for being straight up wack in the booth.

If this is how he handles this dude in the studio we can only imagine if he and 50 Cent come face to face.

The veteran hip-hop star posted this caption along with a two-part Instavid:

My bro @majahhype wild out tryin’ I come in the studio and act like he was ready for the #BADMANTINGCHALLENGE but evidently, he wasn’t!!

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