Britney Heading To Court After Dad Cleared Of Child Abuse

Britney Heading To Court; Jamie Spears Cleared Child Abuse

There is a lot to cover when it comes to the recent claims that Britney Spears’ father was accused of child abuse.

According to reports, Britney Spears’ father will NOT face criminal charges of child abuse since the allegations have been leveled against him. Though, he still faces termination as the superstar’s sole conservator! Read to learn more on Britney Heading to Court…

Britney Heading To Court; Jamie Spears Cleared Child Abuse has learned that the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office says they found insufficient evidence to charge Jamie Spears with child abuse after investigating Kevin Federline’s claims.

That means that Jamie Spears, the 67-year-old if off the hook after getting into a physical confrontation with his Grandson Sean Federline.

If you recall, K-Fed told cops Jamie broke down a door on August 24 to get to his 14-year-old grandson and grabbed him by the arms.

The Sheriff’s Department turned over its findings to the D.A.’s Office and there was a lack of evidence to prove K’Fed’s claims.

Though like we said, Jamie may now be free of legal trouble, but he’s still at risk of losing control of his daughter’s personal and professional life conservatorship.

Word is, Britney herself is expected to show up in court Wednesday for a “fireworks show” of a hearing.

In addition to Britney, her mom, Lynne, is said to ask the judge to terminate Jamie as the 37-year-old’s conservator. Basically, momma Spears thinks Jamie is no longer fit to continue in that role.

Jamie was thinking ahead and filed docs to make Brit’s care manager, Jodi Montgomery, the temporary conservator until at least January 2020. He cited health reasons for his hiatus. Lynn is not disagreeing with Jodi takin over conservatorship, it’s just unclear how she feels about the situation.

Either way, sources involved with the case told TMZ there will be “major surprises” during the hearing.

What we are hearing is that one critical piece of evidence expected to be unveiled is the report by a court-appointed evaluator who spent months investigating the care the Toxic singer has received. The evaluator was said to have gathered evidence on Jamie and Britney’s primary doctor, Dr. Timothy Benson — who died unexpectedly on August 24 at age 48.

As for Jamie, he’s still under a restraining order prohibiting him from having any contact with either of Britney’s two sons.

We will keep you posted…

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