Brandon Jennings and Tae Heckard Engaged


Brandon Jennings and Tae Heckard Engaged

Sorry Teyana, Piston baller Brandon Jennings has officially moved on since he has  Confirmed his Engagement to Tae Heckard! has reported on the feud going on with Teyana Taylor and her ex-fiancee Brandon Jennings who have been going back and fourth on social media fighting about a bunch of nothing.

We’ve reported on Teyana who has been spotted attacking Tae as well as Brandon Slamming Teyana for all the badgering so he CLAPPED BACK about it.

Basically Teyana Taylor has been coming off like she is NOT Brandon Jennings and now that her ex bestie Tae Heckard has hooked up with him she’s been on the attack.

Well here is to turning the knife in a little deeper, because it seems like Brandon just confirmed his intention to marry Tae..?

From the looks of this rock, it looks like its a big fat YES!