Brandi Weighs In on Mehgan Angel and Patrice



Brandi Weighs In on Mehgan Angel and Patrice!!!

We previously reported on Brandi Maxiell speaking about her marriage with Jason Maxiell, but the Basketball Wives LA star Brandi weighs in on Mehgan Angel and Patrice.

When it comes to season 4 of Basketball Wives LA we learned that most of the ladies were NOT fond of them, so Brandi Maxiell took it upon herself to weigh in on Mehgan Angel and Patrice.


Here is what has learned via Brandi who speaks on the additions to the cast this season, where her marriage stands, and what it’s like to deal with infidelity in the professional basketball world.

“I think last season was a surprise for me, I didn’t know what to expect, everything went by so fast and I couldn’t really gather my thoughts. I was guarded last season and I didn’t know anybody, except for Malaysia. This year is totally different because I’m confident. I didn’t know how the world was going to judge me and how they were going to think of me. I think it’s more so, just me feeling confident, and I know the girls now, and secure.”


What are your thoughts on Mehgan, Angel, and Patrice being around?

“I definitely thought at first Mehgan was a question mark for me but as time went on, what viewers didn’t get to see, they don’t get to see all the date nights or, you know chit chats that Megan and I got to have on camera, because they didn’t air it so it looked like we just became friends out the blue. As far as everybody else, I love Patrice, I love her story. Her story with her and Eddie is awesome. I feel like it’s just a different side of the basketball world – what her and Eddie went through. As far as Angel, I feel like Angel kind of, to be honest with you, I feel like Draya kind of ho-ed her out a little bit. [Laughs]”

“I just feel like she left her hanging. You know, Draya brought her onto the cast, and then when Draya brought her onto the cast, she left, and then left her friend there in front of all these women that she doesn’t know, and it was kind of hard on her. [Draya] left her there to defend her in some ways where she wasn’t there. I just felt bad for Angel, because she really didn’t get a fair chance. She came in the middle, and everything was already established. You know, it was unfortunate, we didn’t really get to know her, know her.”

Maxiell adds:

“To be honest with you, Draya and I used to talk on the phone, like four hours a day, especially when it was filming. I’d never heard Angel’s name before in my life. So, she was new to me. I know Draya’s friends, and I never heard of her before. I’m not saying they’re not friends, I feel they’re friends, and I said that when we were filming, it’s a business friendship.”

What do you think of Brandi’s opinion of the newbies?