Brandi Maxiell Husband Fires Back at Sundy Carter


Brandi Maxiell Husband Fires Back at Sundy Carter!

Basketball Wives LA instigator Sundy Carter actually got on Twitter and accused Brandi Maxiell’s husband Jason of cheating and now he’s CLAPPING BACK! has learned that Sundy claims Jason Maxiell allegedly sleeping with some of her friends.

Does Sundy ever quit? It’s sad that Sundy is always starting mess. She needs to get a life and stop throwing people under the bus. If you follow her Twitter Sundy surely keeps ractchet alive beyond the TV!

Brandi and Jason Maxiell sat down with The Insider recently, and they decided to address the rumors.  When Jason was asked how he feels about Sundy’s accusations, he replied:

“It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s something that’s going to be brought up. It’s something that’s going to try to break her down. She’s strong. She’s going to rise above it.”

Brandi adds:

“I vowed for better or worse. No one’s going to mess up this matrimony. I know what I have here.”