Bradley Cooper Forced Out Of Jane Got A Gun

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Word is Bradley Cooper is no longer a part of the upcoming Natalie Portman western Jane Got A Gun!

The production has been hitting road block after road block and now with Bradley out the production is in search of a new leading man.

Here’s the drop:

The upcoming Natalie Portman western Jane Got A Gun hit hard times when director Lynne Ramsay dropped off of the project on what should have been the first day of production. Following her was Jude Law, who had signed on to the movie simply for the chance to work with Ramsay, and the production had to scramble to find replacements. When the dust cleared it seemed like everything was going to be okay, however.

Warrior filmmaker Gavin O’Connor took over as director, and Bradley Cooper took Law’s place on the cast list. But this roller coaster ride isn’t over yet.

Deadline says that Cooper has been forced to abandon his role in Jane Got A Gun – for reasons completely separate from the production. The site says that the terrorist bombings in Boston delayed the production schedule of David O. Russell‘sAmerican Hustle, which Cooper has been filming the last few weeks. Because of the Oscar nominated star’s commitment to that film, he won’t be available for the western. Read more here….

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