Bobby Shmurda Pulls Race Card Over Arrest

Bobby Shmurda Pulls Race Card Over Arrest

Chicago rapper Bobby Shmurda still remains behind bars and now Bobby Shmurda Pulls Race Card Over Arrest?!?

Check out what Bobby Shmurda is claiming regarding the cops busting him back in 2014…

Bobby Shmurda Pulls Race Card Over Arrest

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that the rapper- who’s behind bars on drug and weapon charges, claiming that he was only arrested because of the color of his skin!

Shmuda says that the 3 NYPD cops who claim they found his gun in hand in a NYC apartment have a history of lying.

Here is what is being reported:

Court documents reportedly say that Shmurda claims the police have been against him because of his raps that go against the cops. And apparently, the same cops who arrested him in 2014 had allegedly harassed him in the past.

Shmurda also says, in an unrelated case, one of the cops in question swore she saw a drug exchange but later fessed up and said it wasn’t true.

Shmurda wants access to police disciplinary records, which he says is especially important because the police are also the only witnesses to his alleged crime. The only problem is that the judge didn’t see eye-to-eye with Shmurda and has once again been denied bail.

Bobby’s attorney, Alex Spiro, who had no comment.

Do you think that the police officers are racist like Bobby Shmurda claims? Do you think this is just his latest angle in hopes to get a get out of jail free card?


Recently, Shmurda’s mom opened up to XXL on how often she gets to communicate with her son in jail.

Leslie Pollard said:

“Me and his brother, we communicate with him numerous times a day.”

“We try and do video chats with him. The facility that he’s at right now, he was moved out of New York City to Westchester and we have more leverage…I visit, between his brother and me he gets at least two visits a week. The video chats sometimes once, twice a day where we can see him and he can see the house.”

Pollard added that she is “very thankful” to the people who have been showing their support.