Bobby Brown Announces New BBQ Sauce


Bobby Brown Announces New BBQ Sauce

Bobby Brown Spices Up The Kitchen with New BBQ Sauce called Bobby Brown BBQ Sauce.

Bobby Brown has a new passion and it’s BBQ Sauce – Yup, Brown who rekindled with his daughter Bobbi Kristina on Father’s Day has a new love and it goes on food.

The New Edition heartthrob apparently loves to cook, he’s always had a passion for cooking.

The former singer said.:

“Cooking has always been something I loved to do. Sharing my food with family and friends was the way I could show them I really cared. To this day, its something I continue to love and learn how to do.” 

Now we know this is NOT that original but his new line of BBQ is called, Bobby Brown BBQ and is listed for you to bring to your home on his “B Foods” website, also known as

Brown released statement:

“I learned to cook a long time ago. When I was younger and on punishment, that was my punishment, where I had to stay in the kitchen with my mother and actually learn how to cook. This is not something that is new to me; it’s been a part of my life for a long time. Bobby Brown Foods, which is eco-friendly, provides a healthy way to eat the foods you like and soul food with a clean way to eat.”

Bobby plans to produce cooking utensils as well:

“There will be a cookbook where you can use my spices and my sauces to create the dishes that I make.”

“It’s from me and by me and I can’t wait for everybody to taste it.”

Despite sounding out of breath, Brown had this to say about his BBQ Sauce:

Bobby Brown Foods Product will hit stores and online sometime in the of Fall 2014.  Brown is also scheduled to host a tasting event in Boston on June 27th at The Sunset Cantina.

We wonder how it tastes – in fact we will get some and let you know.