Bloomberg Learns Money Can’t Buy Presidency; Trump Pokes Fun

After last nights Super Tuesday America has picked the two Democratic candidates that we all ONLY cared about from the start.

Michael Bloomberg thought he could redeem himself with a series of pro-African America adds on TV spending over $600 million of his $67 billion dollars. Basically it was chump change to him. He will make that money back in interest.

However, after last night Michael Bloomberg realized all he was doing was taking away electoral votes (10) from Biden and Sanders so today he did the smartest thing possible he suspended his presidency run. Read on since Bloomberg drops out of Presidential Candidate 2020 run… reports that America is NOT going to make the same mistake twice and let a billionaire like Trump buy his way into the White House again. Bloomberg drops out of Presidential run.

Michael R. Bloomberg has OFFICIALLY dropped out of the presidential race on Wednesday, just over three months after he began a campaign that was fueled by his vast fortune.

Sorry Mike but the black community was NOT foolish enough to fall for your fraudulent marketing campaigns after you proved your racism while being the major of New York. You may have cleaned up the streets but the racist way NYPD went about it came from your stop-and-frisk policy. It still has a lasting effect and New Yorker’s have NOT forgotten any of it.

Bloomberg quickly grew to a sprawling political operation but failed to win the groundswell of moderate support he had sought. Now, Michael has endorsed former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., saying that he had the best shot to beat President Trump. Other candidates who have also shown major support for Biden are Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

Joe Biden is the only candidate who knows how to run the White House is the smartest choice.

Mr. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, exited the race as the Democratic establishment began to converge around Mr. Biden.

Don’t let Bernie Sander’s empty promises lure you to vote for him. He is a socialist and wants to make this country socialist, which means no longer capitalist.

If you are in college and want to make money and become a huge success or you’re an entrepreneur trying to hit it big, being socialist is NOT what you want. He wants to cap you income and take over 50% of what you make. If this country is run like a socialist country you would give about 50% to 60% of you check to the government. In return you would have free healthcare, college and other amenities, but you could NEVER be the millionaire or billionaire you want to be.

Now Bernie will still be that and so will anyone before the change, just letting you realize what he is about. You’ve grown up in a Capitalist environment so you don’t realize how that will change and ruin your lives.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to be the BULLY President poking fun at billionaire Mike Bloomberg aka Mini Mike:

Bloomberg Learns Money Can't Buy Presidency; Trump Pokes Fun

Are you shocked Bloomberg drops out of Presidential Candidate 2020 run?

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