BlocBoy JB: Working on ‘This Is America’ Like ‘Organ Donation’

BlocBoy JB: Working on 'This Is America' Like 'Organ Donation'

BlocBoy JB is weighing in on Childish Gambino’s Billboard no. 1 hit “This is America” comparing it to being like an “organ donation!”

Damn, really, BlocBoy JB? Read on to see what he is saying about working with Childish Gambino on “This is America”…

BlocBoy JB: Working on 'This Is America' Like 'Organ Donation' has the latest on BlocBoy JB experience working on the hit song “This is America.”

Childish Gambino’s lyrics and a video depict a host of racially charged issues facing the country — protests, police brutality, and gun violence.

BlocBoy JB was blown away by the powerful imagery in Gambino’s “This is America” saying:

When he shot the dude in the head and then he had the choir singing, that shit was so live! That shit is America. Motherf**kers are dying every day.

Now, Memphis, Tennesse rapper James Baker, better known as BlocBoy JB, is weighing in on Gambino’s new video for “America.” BockBoy recalled, “[Gambino] reached out to my people.” JB was like hold up, Gambino “needed my words,” so “[My manager] was like, “Childish Gambino wants your vocals.”

The 21-year-old revealed that “[They] made it seem like an organ [donation].”

He further explained to Billboard:

That beat was so mother**king hard, and that’s all that was. As soon as I heard that mother**cker, I was like, “Man, I ain’t going to lie, I want to rap on his mother**ker.” But then I was like, “I’m just going to do what they say,” because I said I was going to record [ad-libs]. I said I was going to keep it simple. I had other music to get back to anyway.

The video is insanely powerful and hip hop needs to take note of socially relevant rap is better than the basic “I’m Gucci” lyrics! Read here for the backstory…