Black-ish Stars Feuding Behind The Scenes

Black-ish Stars Feuding Behind The Scenes

Rumors are swirling since an on-set insider is spilling tea about two of ABC’s Black-ish causing the production to shut down because they can’t get along.

Now, we are not sure how true the tea spill is, but if there is any validity to this story we are sad that it’s these two actors. Read on…

Black-ish Stars Feuding Behind The has learned that former Girlfriends star Tracee Ellis Ross and the beloved Jenifer Lewis, who we just can’t get enough off are feuding.

According to sources the two Black-ish stars feuding, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jenifer Lewis can’t seem to get along when the cameras stop rolling which is causing troubles on set.

Radar reports:

Black-ish stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Jennifer Lewis may play family members on the hit ABC comedy, but the two are apparently anything but familiar when the cameras aren’t rolling. An insider tells exclusively the two stars have been butting heads on set, even shutting down production for a time.

“Tracee can’t stand Jennifer and vice versa, they’re like oil and water, they don’t mix well,” says the source. “They’re just like their characters — Jennifer wants to be the boss and Tracee isn’t having it.”

According to on-set insiders, the entire production shut down for about 30 minutes a few weeks ago because of the drama between the two actresses.
Source says there were some heated words exchanged between the two women after Lewis called out Ross for talking while she was trying to read her lines.
Eventually, the women settled down and went on with the show. But feathers were clearly ruffled.

“Jennifer is way over the top 24/7,” the source revealed. “On the set AND in real life.”

We hope thing can turn for the better and that this is NOT a PR stunt to get people to watch.

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