Black Ink Crew Tattoo Parlor Investigated

Ceaser Emmanuel responds to Black Ink Tattoo Parlor Investigated

Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emmanuel’s Black Ink Tattoo Parlor Investigated by the NYC Health Department following complaints from customers. has the details of what’s going down with the Harlem based Black Ink Tattoo Parlor…

Ceaser Emmanuel's Black Ink Tattoo Parlor Investigated


We have just got word that the New York City Health Department launched a probe into the Harlem tattoo parlor that’s the got fame from their reality series Black Ink Crew on VH1.

Here is what has learned about Black Ink Crew Tattoo Parlor Investigated:

Investigators from the New York City Health Department dropped by the shop last month after receiving two complaints that a tattoo artist was working there without a valid license, according to a source at the city agency.

But the health department’s check found that all of the artists there were licensed, and they left without issuing any violations. The investigators also did a thorough hygiene check of the place and the investigators found that Black Ink was in compliance with the city’s tattoo rules and regs.

In order to tattoo in NYC, an artist has to be licensed and take an infection control course.

It wasn’t clear whether cameras captured the investigators time at the shop, or who made the complaints in the first place. But Black Ink’s owner, Ceaser, has clashed on-screen with frenemy Puma, who launched his own shop, which ultimately went out of business. Ceaser himself blamed his daughter’s mother on social media, claiming she dropped the dime on him after cops arrested the businessman in November for owing more than $15,000 in back child support.

However a source close to the situation said the woman wasn’t the culprit. – Bossip

After it was all said and done Ceaser took to social media to share is frustrations and blast the person behind the health investigation.

Ceaser writes:

“First you get me arrested for bullshit. Then you call the board of health on my shop. My BM going to tell them,my tattoo license is suspended…NO ITS NOT!!! ALL MY SHIT IS STRAIGHT… But check my mood right now….??????”

Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emmanuel health department investigation

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