Black Ink Crew Recap: Frenemies and Awkardness



Black Ink Crew Recap: Frenemies and Awkardness!!!

Black Ink Crew picks up with O’Sh*t in court getting a slap on the wrist with one day of community service and a fine.

Back at Black Ink, the crew confronts O and Donna about sleeping together and the two

Later, Dutchess sits down at Tolani in New York with Quani to catch up on live. Quani tells Dutchess that she is NOT ready to be somebody’s wife so Dutchess invites her to Paris to unwind. After the two ladies meet Sassy joins the group and tension is so thick you can cut a knife. Quani and Sassy have always been real close, but since Quani is Puma’s wife and Sassy is his best friend the ladies no longer know how to be friends anymore. They are both afraid the other will tell Puma something that is private.


After Quani tells Dutchess that she feels like she has lost herself in her marriage to Puma, Dutchess invites Quani on her trip to Paris – Watch:

It’s actually awkward waters for the friends, but things get more awkward when Quani reveals that she is going to Paris with Dutchess. And what happens next?

Sassy invites herself on Dutchess’ trip. Ummm, Sassy, really girl???

Dutchess feels Sassy is no more than a Frenemy, but let’s be real the former friends haven’t been cool for some time. Especially since Dutchess was caught lying to Dutchess last season when they tried to break bread. Anyways, Dutchess swallows her pride and lets things slide, so Sassy is heading to Paris. #Awkward

Over at 125th and 55 Lenox, aka back at Black Ink, Ceasar is meeting with Serash talking about sneakers before getting some new ink custom designed by Ceasar.

During the ink session Cease asks Serash about being a business owner and the upcoming remodel.

The next day Walt, Donna and Ted are moving out the furniture to get the shop ready for the remodel, while Ted stuffs his face and sits on his @ss. Walt has Donna take all the Ikea furniture home, but when Cease walks up he complains about the disposable furniture. Later Cease makes a toast to put the old Black Ink behind him. It’s time for a new beginning for Black Ink. Something fresh for the crew. He says the new spot is going to smoke all the shops in the area.

Later Dutchess has a new client that wants to get a flower on her flower to let everyone that she has a “garden of Eden”. The client explains that it’s empowerment for her. While Dutchess is trying to work with her client, Cease steps in to see how she’s doing because he NOT over her and doesn’t want to get off the love rollercoaster with her.

Somewhere up in Harlem, Sky is on her way to go see her man Bobbye who just got release from prison.

Meanwhile over on St Nicholas Blvd at Ink 124, Puma, Ted and O’Sh*t are chopping it up about his son with Katia. Richard reveals that he pulled a Kirk Frost taking a home DNA test to find out if Achilles is his real son behind his so called Baby mamas back. And guess what, O’Sh*t is NOT the father.

Back with Sky and her honey, Bobbe she booked a hotel room for her and her new man. She wants to show him a good time and sex him all night. She tries to be sexy, but things are quirky and funny as she takes him into the bathroom to have a romantic bath with her new boo.

Watch Sky cater to her man Bobbe:

Across town Ceasar meets with Dutchess to take her to dinner and catch up. You can tell he is still into her and she reveal that she’s heading to Paris. The two keep things flirty while discussing her plans to leave. Dutchess has her guard up because he hurt her last year cheating on her. The two keep things cool and when dinner is done he tries to be suave, but Dutchess put him in his place. As she walks out he can’t take his eyes off her, so who wants who Cease?

Wait is Ceaser Trying To Win Dutchess Back?

Check it:

The next day, O’Sh*t comes to meet with Kathy about his son Achilles and she comes at him wrong. She complains about him NOT being there, while he tells her that she has been unreachable. Kathy tries to get smart like she always does by saying that he is messy having babies all over NYC, that is when O’Sh*t snaps…revealing that he took a home DNA test and Achilles is NOT even his son!

During a heated argument with Kathy, O’S**t reveals that a DNA test showed that he was not the father of Achilles, check the drama unfold:

He goes off on Kathy saying that she slept with him and all his friends and does she even know who the father is?

You can tell Richard is very hurt by the news that Achilles not being his son. O blames claims that she is the one who ruined his outlook on life and has made such a cold person. He loves his son and he says that he wants to stay his father.

We hope that works out…

Until next week…

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