Black Ink Crew: O’Sh*t Hits The Fan

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Last night on Black Ink Crew O’Sh*t is finally getting his news and the reality of it all may not so much be sinking in like it should.

First off, Ceasar confronts Dutchess about not being invited to Puma‘s Jamacian wedding. At first, Dutchess seems to take the news like an adult and then quickly turns on the diva-tude and goes on her soap box about how she never called her a mixy. She feels like she is in the middle of their friendship, because Dutchess refuses to look ratchet because she is Ceas girl.

Later, the crew, Walt, Teddy and Ceasar are talking about going to Jamaica and that is when Dutchess goes off about everyone calling her Quanie a mixy, calling her a “dumb b*tch.” Dutchess says she will only go to Jamaica to support her man and that’s it.

Later Yandy Smith’s cousin, Maurice, who was on Love and Hip Hop 2 shows up to get a flawless tat of a Phareoh by Caesar and man it looks good.

While, Kathy and Katlin sit down to hash it out about co-parenting, but Kathy still comes off a bit abrasive to Katlin. Then the ish hits the fan when O’Sh*t goes off on Kathy for acting up. As O’Sh*t works out his dramas as a parent with Katlin and Kathy, Puma, Quanie Sassy, Teddy and his KB. There are some highlights for Jamaica, but its next week when the ish hits the fan!

Kathy has a full breakdown, because she feels fully betrayed by O’Sh*t and the fact that he does love her and has another baby on the way with another baby mama. The only one who has moved on and has dusted off his stupidity is Katlin, who is the mother of Lulu.

The big problem of the episode is after Walt and O’Sh*t go to Coney Island to have a day away from the shop and to chop it up about his baby mama drama. Walt tells him the Kaylin is the only woman he needs to focus on, so he won’t end up in jail for 3 years. Unfortunately, O’S**t goes missing and is a no-show when his ex-girlfriend and star witness, Kaylin, visits the shop to discuss the case. Kaylin goes off on Walt, who frantically tries to reach O’Sh*t and cover for him.

Doesn’t O’Sh*t get the importance of working something out with this girl? You have to see how all this plays out on the FULL episode of Black Ink Crew.

O’Sh*t is facing 3 years in jail and his star witness, Kaylin doesn’t care if he rots or not. Kaylin is the woman who got him busted, but she claims he took her car while she was asleep in Atlanta. He NEEDS Kaylin to testify for him, but he’s NOT following through and trying to make things work out with her.


It’s next week that really is a shocker when Ceasar and Dutchess break up leaving her alone. Dutchess ends up almost dying and is ruched to the hospital in Jamaica.