Blac Chyna Dating Teenage Rapper?

Blac Chyna Dating Teenage Rapper?

WTH is going on with Blac Chyna dating a teenage boy fresh out of high school?

Blac Chyna is 29-years-old, does she not see how wrong this is? Especially when she is a mother of two children from two different men. Read on…

Blac Chyna Dating Teenage Rapper? is disgusted by the news that Blac Chyna just confirmed that she’s dating 18-year old rapper YBN Almighty Jay.

We guess, Blac Chyna can’t get a man her own age, since she got tossed to the curb by Tyga, then tried to get a come up dating chubby lumps Rob Kardashian. She built him up then dumped him like last years fashions.

The ex-stripper still looking for a come up has now attached herself to up and coming rapper YBN Almighty Jay, but the teenagers is 11 years younger and no even able to drink.

YBN Almighty’s real name is Jay Bradley, he is a Texas native, so you know they say “everything is bigger in Texas.” That might be the box office draw, because he’s still figuring it out at 18. Not only that, YBN Almighty Jay is a beginner in the world of rap. He is a vlogger who has earned recognition from millions of fans. YBN began working on You Tube uploading rap compositions not so long ago, in 2017.

This is a great look for him, because it puts him on the map. As for Blac Chyna it’s more like she’s so thirsty for a dude in her life, that she’s robbing the cradle. #SMH

When asked if she was really dating YBN Almighty Jay, she kept it real high school, saying:

“Yeah, we’re like dating.”

Our advice to YBN Almighty Jay, “have fun bro…hit for a bit and step!”

Blac Chyna Dating Teenage Rapper?

She can’t go to a bar with him. We know he probably gets into clubs, but that’s lame to see a teenage boy dating a 29-year-old single mom.

Let’s break it down. He is only using her for exposure, sowing his oats and lateral move aka her connects. We give this relationship a few months because it’s as pathetic and Hazel E dating Rose Burgundy.

Get a real man Chyna. #SMH #SAD #Pathetic