Billie Eilish Just Shut Down Lil Pump

Billie Eilish Just Shut Down Lil Pump

Billie Eilish Just Shut Down Lil Pump!

Lil Pump tried to shoot his shot with Billie Eilish during an Instagram Live, but it didn’t go down too well with the “Bad Guy” singer. Read on to see how Billie shut down Lil Pump…


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A post shared by Lil Pump Jetski (@lilpump) on reports that pop-goth singer Billie Eilish took to Instagram Live to play some of the American Beauty movie score on her piano for her fans and that’s when it all went down.

Apparently, Lil Pump thought he had a chance with the green haired anti singer Billie Eilish.

Unfazed by Eilish’s 61.6 million followers, Pump took the opportunity to declare his love for her during the broadcast and even pop the question.

That’s when Billie burst out laughing, admitting:

I can’t even tell you what I’m laughing at, Resolutely Lil Pump kept going, causing Billie to unceremoniously shut him down with a final, “No thanks.”

Watch the whole exchange and Billie Eilish’s savage response below:

What are your thoughts on Lil Pump trying to get at Eilish?

Do you find it a joke that he even tried? Who do you think she should date? Weigh in!

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