Billie Eilish BOOED And HARASSED By Fans

Billie Eilish BOOED And HARASSED By Fans

Earlier this month, Billie Eilish ended up getting BOOED And HARASSED By Fans for NOT signing autographs.

Eilish responds to overzealous fake fans who didn’t get what they wanted from the pop singer. Read on since Billie Eilish fires back at fans who BOOED And HARASSED her… has the latest on Billie Eilish who grapples with her recently-acquired fame.

See, earlier this week the 17-year-old breakthrough artist Billie Eilish made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and opened up about dealing with fame at such a young age.

On Saturday morning, the “Bad Guy” singer took to Instagram to give a piece of her mind to the “grown men that booed me and called me a ‘little bitch'” after she left JKL.

The whole incident was caught on video that has been shared online, though there are always two sides to a story.

Billie Explains What Happened That Night After JKL:

Ellish, the Highland Park native clarified via an Instagram Story:

The only reason I’m making this video is that I saw a video of this all happening and I just wanted to clarify what actually happened… because if you watch the video it looks like I’m walking by a bunch of fans and completely ignoring them and not saying ‘Hi’ to them, which is not what happened.

She explained that there were two different groups of people waiting for her to take pictures, sign autographs and meet the singer. One group was mainly fans and the other was paparazzi or what she calls “eBay-ers.”

Billie has now enforced a no-signing autographs policy that her fans respect and that she’d much rather “get a hug and talk” with her fans than have them sell her autographs online.

Eilish explained on Instagram:

I started to walk away because I realized none of these people actually cared about anything that had to do with me as a person. I walked over there only to say Hi, only to hug people and I got pictures of me shoved into my f–king face. I got no love whatsoever, so I left and then I got booed and [got] called a little b-tch and got told I was going to lose my Grammy nominations.

She ended the IG session by shouting out her attackers:

To the grown men that booed me and called me a ‘little bitch,’ I hope the best for you. I hope you can find someone else that you use to make money off of and belittle.

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