Biggie Smalls Daughter

Biggie Smalls Daughter Backtracks After Slamming Puff Daddy


Biggie Smalls Daughter Backtracks After Slamming Puff Daddy on Twitter after Diddy didn’t invite her to her to concert honoring her dad!?!

Get the details on the flip about Biggie Smalls Daughter slamming Puff Daddy…

Biggie Smalls Daughter has learned that Biggie Smalls Daughter SLAMMED Puff Daddy for leaving her out of her fathers concert honoring her dad, the late Biggie Smalls.

T’yanna Wallace, daughter of the Notorious B.I.G., slammed Sean (Puff Daddy) Combs in a series of tweets after she was left out of her father tribute concert.

T’yanna Wallace was pissed after Puff Daddy doled out some free tickets to an upcoming concert honoring a hip-hop legend, and didn’t send her tickets to her own fathers tribute.

The insulted daughter of the Notorious B.I.G. went on the attack claiming that the Bad Boy Records founder failed to offer her a free ticket to a concert celebrating what would have been her late father’s 44th birthday.

Biggie Smalls Daughter tweeted

“The bad boy concert is for my dad’s bday but I got NOT ONE TICKET. Just wanna point that out.”

Then it got personal:

“Puff does nothing for my family. Tired of lying for his lame ass!”

Biggie Smalls Daughter

After putting him on BLAST, Wallace later deleted the tweets and later posted that she and Combs had made up.

She wrote:

“Me & puff talked, a lot of things were cleared up &everything is LOVE!! So everybody can calm down.”

Then, Puff Daddy tweeted a response to the whole situation:

“LOVE you babygrl!! See you at the concert!! We’re gonna have great night!!”

What do you think of Puff Daddy treating Biggie Smalls Daughter like dirt? Why did she have to put him in check to wake up the family should come first, especially when Biggie was his best friend and cash cow that helped to start Bad Boy Records. Without Biggie there would be no Bad Boy.


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