Big Sean Is This How You Really Feel

Big Sean Is This How You Really Feel

Rapper Big Sean weighs in on the person who took Nipsey Hussle’s life this past March outside of his business The Marathon.

Sean goes on to explain how we all need to put our egos aside to stop losing our Martin Luther Kings, and Nipsey Hussle’s of the world. Continue on and watch, learn and listen…


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A post shared by BIGSEAN (@bigsean) on reports that Big Sean opened up in a video post on Tuesday to explain his feelings since the lose of Nipsey Hussle.

Rapper Big Sean started off speaking on “something on his mind since Nipsey’s murder.”

The “Blessings” rapper adds:

To the person who murdered Nipsey Hussle, you made a permanent solution to a temporary problem…that is not how you solve a problem. When you take a person’s life you set back the whole family.

When you take somebodies life you setting all that whole family back. When it could have been something solved by communicating.

The 31-year-old-rap star admits that he is not the best when it comes to communication but he is working on getting better at that.

Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, best known as Big Sean goes on to say

I have noticed in black men that we are taught to be tough, to retaliate through violence…and we gonna keep losing Kings, Malcome X’s and Nipsey Hussle’s…who knows maybe we would still have Nipsey or a lot of the soldiers we lost?

He remembers that his mama always used to say:

Communication can save a nation…it didn’t mean anything to me then, but now it definitely has a whole new meaning…FACTS!


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