Beyonce’s PR Demands Unflattering Photos Removed

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Apparently there were some unflattering photos posted of Beyonce during here Super Bowl performance on two websites and now Mrs. Carter wants them removed.

Beyonce has put her attack force on the job to have the news and entertainment website Buzzfeed to remove the photos after they published a photo essay entitled, “The 33 fiercest moments from Beyoncé’s show,” featuring various highlights of the Super Bowl performance.

Beyonce was NOT amused so the Halo singer publicist contacted the website on Tuesday, requesting that a number of the images be removed, reasoning that they depicted Beyoncé in too much of an unflattering light.

The publicist, who gave her name as Yvette, told Buzzfeed in an email:

“Thanks for taking my call. As discussed, there are some unflattering photos on your current feed that we are respectfully asking you to change. I am certain that you will be able to find some better photos. The worst are #5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 19 and 22. Thank you very much.”

However, several outlets have expressed not understanding why the publicist would consider the photos unflattering.  They expressed that the outlets did NOTHING WRONG, but to show how hard Beyoncé was working in order to put on a good show, as she did.

Gawker noted that according to the “Third Immutable Natural Law Of Beyoncé,” “there is no better photo of Beyoncé than the photo of Beyoncé you are viewing, because at that moment, it is the best of all possible Beyoncé photos.”

The Huffington Post also chimed in, suggesting that any “unflattering” photo of the singer is in essence, not unflattering at all, as it shows the level of dedication she puts into her performances.

The Huffington Post wrote.

“We’d like to point out that there’s no such thing as an ‘unflattering’ picture of Beyoncé. And we’re kind of upset her publicist would suggest such an outrageous thing. It’s called BEING INTO IT.”

Beyoncé’s publicist apparently took a cue from Kanye West, who just days prior requested photos of him wearing a skirt at the 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit show to be removed from photo write service, Getty Images.

CelebNMusic247 would like to voice that Beyonce put on a great show and photos from every angle were being snapped during her halftime show. We understand as an artist that some photos are not apropo, but there is nothing wrong with the set of photos Gawker and Buzzfeed used. It’s not like World Star Hip Hop trying to make something out nothing, saying Beyonce nipple slipped out. It did not! There was no wardrobe malfunctions at all. These photos just show Beyonce is dedicated to putting on a great performance.

As for Kanye West, he most likely took down the skirt photo after Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar SLAMMED the fashion forward rapper for his fashion scenes. He needs to be more secure about his clothing choices, because they’re flawless. He should worry about Lord James, because what has Brand Nubian done these days. Note they’re part of hip hop culture but they don’t dictate where the fashion or culture is going anymore.

The rapper was reportedly successful in having the photos removed.

Check the “so-called” unflattering photos of Beyonce at Gawker and Buzzfeed.

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