Beyonce Serves Legendary LEMONADE SHADE to Kimmy Kakes

Beyonce Serves Legendary LEMONADE SHADE to Kimmy Kakes


Beyonce has no love for the talentless socialite + Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian! Now we are hearing Beyonce gave Kimmy Cakes a taste of her alter ego, Yonce!!!

When Beyonce shows her Yonce, she’s that hood chick that don’t play…

Beyonce Serves Legendary LEMONADE SHADE to Kimmy Kakes has just got word about Queen Petty Bey unleashing her Yonce on Kimmy Kakes. We’re NOT sure how true this is, so we’re dubbing this a RUMOR, but it’s juicy!

According to RadarOnline, who claims Beyonce sought revenge against Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West over Kanye’s outburst where he mentioned her and her husband. She allegedly called Kim out while Kanye was hospitalized!

A source close to the reality star says:

“Beyonce flipped out on Kim when Kim called her to try and soothe tensions after Kanye’s hospitalization. Basically she told Kim to never, ever, contact her or her husband again. – and said stuff like she thought that the two of them are made for each other because they are both talentless and pathetic!”


Beyonce Wasn’t Hearing Kim Kardashian West:

The source reveals:

“Kim was trying so hard to be Beyonce’s friend for so long and she had even asked her on numerous occasions to let Blue Ivy play with North. Beyonce just kept ignoring her.”

This is NOT surprising, we have heard from so many insiders in the music industry that Beyonce and Jay have NEVER been fond of Kim Kardashian. They hustled and struggled to become who they are and Kim laid on her back with Ray J on top to get famous. Then she’s in entertainment circles only because of Kanye West. She and her family are talentless. It’s all been sort of documented, so we’ll accept this part

As for, Kanye’s outburst being upset that the Carters never reached out after Kim was robbed, is NOT a shock. They don’t like her. They’re Kanye’s friend, but have distanced themselves since he married her.

The insider said, adding:

“When Kim was attacked, Kanye thought it was rude that neither Beyonce nor Jay Z called to see if Kim was doing okay. That is the real reason he went off on Jay Z, too!”

Beyonce Serves Lemonade Shade:

Here is where Beyonce’s pettiness becomes legendary SHADE on EPIC proportions!

The source said:

“Kim and Kanye both felt awful and got into it because Kim told Kanye that he had ruined their chances of being friends with Beyonce and Jay. They wanted to try one last time to make things better, so they mailed Bey and Jay an invite to the Kardashian’s holiday party.”

The source claims:

“The invite was returned to Kim and Kanye’s house with ‘Return To Sender’ written on the envelope!”

OMG! Kim NEEDS to give it up. Kanye NEEDS to realize Beyonce and Jay want NOTHING to do with him as long as he is with Kim. #Choices

Bottom line from Bey to Kim…#GirlBye

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