Beyonce Mom Shamed After Wine Drinking Photo

Beyonce Mom Shamed After Wine Drinking Photo


First everyone was praising Beyonce after she announced she was having twins. Then, they embraced her after she gave birth to Rumi and Sir. Now, Beyonce fans have turned on their Queen B after she was spotted drinking wine.

Moms around the globe have been weighing in because they’re perfect, and now Beyonce mom shamed . Read on…

Beyonce Mom Shamed After Wine Drinking Photo

Hasn’t anyone heard of Bad Moms? The movie is about moms NEEDING a break from mommy duties. The only problem is that some mom’s are questioning Beyonce’s mommy skills, asking if the breast milk is spiked with wine.

Beyonce was on well-deserved date with her hubby Jay Z, but the wine drinking photo snapped is infuriating moms everywhere. They’ve decided to Beyonce mom shame the diva.

Beyonce mom shamed Details:

We know that breastfeeding is drama in the mommy world. It’s one of the most heated topics that has been debated for centuries. Now, Beyonce drinking wine in an Instagram photo has mom-shamers up in arms!

The big question, “has Beyonce ruined her breast milk for her twins?”

Moms are weighing in on Bey saying things like, “This is messed up. #NotImpressed.” Another mom weighed in telling Beyonce, “You wrong for this Bey.”

Beyonce Mom Shamed After Wine Drinking Photo

It is insane for slamming a woman for having a glass of wine if she breast feeds. One unit of alcohol is out of your breast milk within two hrs. One glass of wine is not a crime lol!

Why don’t people do their research first!

Jay Z was also photo’d drinking wine, but we know that he’s not breastfeeding the twins with his breast. That would just be gross. #YUCK

Beyonce Mom Shamed After Wine Drinking Photo

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