The BEST New Power Theme Diss Memes

The BEST New Power Theme Diss Memes

50 Cent thought he had a new hit with an updated version to “Big Rich Town” with Trey Songz singing like he wants to make love when the song is about struggle.

Well, for over a week now, Power fans have been RIPPING 50 Cent’s bad choice on changing the Power theme replacing the original version with Joe and updating it with Trey Songz. Read on to laugh the BEST New Power Theme Diss Memes…

The BEST New Power Theme Diss Memes has the latest on the Power theme blowback since Trey Songz could handle that people thought his version was trash, and 50 cent had to tell him to chill.

It’s got so bad that even 50 cent told everyone that his “IG is disabled” and he will NOT be responding to the backlash for the new Power theme song featuring Trey Songz.

The difference is Joe understands the meaning of the song and its motivation so he sang it the right way. Trey Songz just sang “Big Rich Town” like he sings all his song in an uptempo.

Instagram has been dropping memes left and right and now we have some of the funniest ones to show you.

50 posted this on one of the best memes that expresses what everyone thinks of Songz version of “Big Rich Town.”

Ok now I have seen it all…f-ck this I’m done with y’all!

Here are the BEST “Big Rich Town” Diss Memes:


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