Best Music Themed Games Ever Made


Best Music Themed Games Ever Made

There has been major developments in how we play games over recent years, no more so than the controllers we use. One field that was massively benefited from these advancements is the music industry, as they have been able to roll out games based around dancing, singing and even playing along to some of the best songs ever written.

Here’s a few examples of best ones ever made:

The Beatles: Rock Band
You’ll say Hello, but you’ll never want to say Goodbye to this game as you bop along to the greatest hits the Beatles ever produced. With guitars, bass, drums and microphone all available as controllers you and your friends can pretend to be either John, Paul, George or Ringo by keeping in time with the notes that roll across the screen. You Can’t Buy Me Love, but you can definitely bring fun and happiness to our party with this game.

Vinyl Countdown
This cleverly named online slots game also known as online pokies down under has become an internet sensation with fans of gaming on the internet. The game is based on a 5 reeled slot with a possible 9 pay-out lines, all themed around music. It is a great throwback to a gone by era, with the wildcard scatter icons shown as disco balls and all the music being chosen from the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and The King himself, Elvis Presley.

Dance Stage Euromix
The 1990’s saw a massive rise in the underground dance scene, with more and more people enjoying a night on the town. So when Konami released a Dance Stage game in arcades and then onto Playstation, everybody knew it would be a massive hit. With gamers able to dance along to tracks such as “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor on a variety of different difficulty levels, the game is controlled via a mat where players stomp on the arrow keys to complete the moves.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
Similar to the Beatles: Rock Band, you can play along to the guitar riffs made famous by the legendary Joe Perry and his Aerosmith band. The aim of the game is to keep in time with the notes on screen by clicking the chord buttons on the guitar shaped controller. Dude, you may look like a lady but you’ll want to walk this way and jam to victory on this classic game.

Just Dance
Taking over from the legacy of Dance Stage, Just Dance took dance games to a whole new level. Released in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii, gamers dance along to the sequences shown on the screen and score extra points for keeping in time with the music. The game also has fitness levels so is a great way to stay in shape.