Benzino Helped Stevie J with Fake Marriage


Benzino Helped Stevie J with Fake Marriage

Everyone who watches Love and Hip Hip Atlanta has questioned Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez marriage since Benzino published a cover last summer in Hip Hip Weekly!

Well here is mud on his face, because the dirt has surfaced and Benzino has been thrown under the bus for helping Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez pretend that they’re married.

Joseline could remember the date on episode 1 when Erica Dixon called her out on the wedding date. Then Stevie fumbled around when Mimi questioned him. Tonight got the juice on Stevie J and Joseline’s FAKE marriage.

Not only has their dirty laundry being aired on the reality series, they reality TV couple is getting put on BLAST by Joseline’s former friend/manager on social media.

NEVER SPIT in the ashtray you may have to lick Stevie and Joseline because Donna is CLAPPING BACK in a HUGE way and making you, Joseline and Benzino look HELLA stupid for that cover and NO wedding certificate.

If one appears now, we’ll all know you made that at home…check what Donna has posted on her Instagram. First she SLAMS Joseline with the smilie face and they she goes in on Stevie J and his lady for LYING!

Donna stick the knife in deeper when she BLASTS them on the Versace China they were using in the house in last weeks episode. #CheckMATE!

stevie-j-and-joseline-not-married-0519-6 stevie-j-and-joseline-not-married-0519-7

Damn! She got you Stevie, Benzino and Joseline! IF you’re gonna lie about something don’t tell your friends that you screw over.

What makes the situation so sad is that Benzino is trying to bring back Hip Hop Weekly to its golden era when the magazine was like a hip hop bible, so he asks Stevie to team up with him.

But we have one question:

“Is Benzino thinking FAKE marriage covers will help to bring the magazine back to the forefront of the of the music scene again?”