Ben Affleck Girlfriend Shauna Sexton Confirms Pregnancy

Ben Affleck Girlfriend Shauna Sexton Confirms Pregnancy

Wait, what, Shauna Sexton Pregnant? If these rumors are true Ben Affleck is going to have a lot of drama on his hands.

Ben Affleck already has children with Jennifer Garner, but now Shauna Sexton is claiming she is pregnant? Read on to see what she posted on social media…

Ben Affleck Girlfriend Shauna Sexton Confirms has some tea spilling from Shauna Sexton who is claiming to be pregnant by Ben Affleck.

When asked by a media outlet on Twitter, Shauna Sexton was more than happy to reveal:

I’m only rushing to move in because I’m pregnant with quadruplets.

She adds that she is considering to relocate to Spain to have Ben Affleck‘s babies to keep the birth out of the public eye.

Um too late, that is if this is REAL NEWS.

Sexton goes on to say that the move is dependant on Ben.

She says that is only “if Ben doesn’t run for President in 2020.” she adds, “Screw LA though, we don’t need to stay here.”

Shauna also says in bold caps (yelling) ONLY I KNOW HOW TO MAKE HIM HAPPY.

Even in the text that sounds a bit psycho. Then she reveals the secret to keeping Ben happy.

She says that she “is feeding him his 3 mayonnaise sandwiches a day.”

Like we said, if this tea is real then you heard it here first. – Shauna posted the news on Twitter saying:

Heard it here first folks!

A word to Ben Affleck — dump here dude she sounds like she is using you for a come-up!

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