Why Beck Deserves Album of The Year Over Beyonce


Why Beck Deserves Album of The Year Over Beyonce!!!

Have you seen this Billboard that has been spreading around the Internet and posted around Los Angeles on Why Beck Deserves Album of The Year Over Beyonce.

Kanye West should eat Crow for his disrespect toward REAL artists like Beck, We understand that Beck has NOT crossed over into the black community, but that doesn’t discredit him from his Grammy win on Sunday.


Beck won Album of the Year at the Grammys, and he deserved every bit of that award. Beyonce already has 20 Grammys at home including the 2 that she won, so she’s great.

Kanye NEEDS to get over himself, because he really makes himself look like boo boo the clown when he went of his RANT about real artists.

FYI Kanye, REAL artist, compose, write, play instruments, and can sing vocals. Beyonce is NONE of that and you know this man!

In case you are still question Beck winning Album of the Year and you agree with Kanye West’s unfactual RANT about a TRUE artist, here is more proof.

Beck Vs Beyonce (which she did NOT write) Lyrical Skill:


If that is NOT ENOUGH we have another  – Beck has deserved a Grammy since Beyoncé was 15 years old.


What are you thoughts on the true stats of Beck vs Beyonce?