Bebe Rexha Ex Producer SLAPPED with Stiff Prison Sentence

Bebe Rexha Former Producer SLAPPED with Stiff Prison Sentence

Bebe Rexha Ex Producer SLAPPED with Stiff Prison Sentence!

It looks like Bebe Rexha’s former producer just learned fraudulently using her credit card and racking up thousands of dollars in charges cost him his freedom. Read on for more about Bebe Rexha Ex producer sentence to prison…

Bebe Rexha Former Producer SLAPPED with Stiff Prison Sentence reports that Bebe Rexha’s former producer, Anthony Evans, who goes by Devine Evans in the music industry was an under-handed thief.

Despite his accolades like being a Grammy winner and working with tons of artists didn’t mean he was honest at all. NOPE, Devine Evans was sentenced Monday in L.A. to two years in federal prison after he pled guilty to one count of aggravated identity theft.

According to the feds, Devine was milking Bebe Rexha‘s Amex card to book flights and other travel for himself and his family back in 2017.

TMZ reports:

Prosecutors say this went on for damn near a year, and he ended up charging more than $37k to Bebe’s account. Eventually, the singer’s business manager caught wind of it and reported the suspicious transactions. Obviously, he got caught up in the whole thing.

He’s also ordered to pay $34,810 back to Amex in restitution.

Too bad, because there is a funk-rock artist who is out there doing the same thing along with his Modern Family cohort who went to court for aggravated identity theft, and home theft, but a judge let them go claiming that they were Emmy Award winners. An Emmy does NOT prove a person is honest.

We are glad Bebe Rexha’s former producer is going to jail, but it won’t change him.

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