BBWLA: Jackie Christie Guns For Draya Michele


BBWLA: Jackie Christie Guns For Draya Michele

On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives LA it seems that everyone was talking behind each others backs and the culpret is Jackie Christie.

The women have split into two groups, Jackie, Sundy and Brittish vs Draya, Brandi and Malaysia. Note Malaysia is the liaison between the two groups. Since Jackie told Draya about her man sleeping with her daughter Chantel who “dated” Orlando Scandrickand.  Then Jackie’s daughter Chantel decided to BLAST Orlando, saying he was gay. Of course, Draya and Jackie feel out every since. Nobody wants to hear their man is cheating and on BBWLA who could you trust since there is so much mud slinging and back stabbing going on?

This week the ladies head to Palm Springs and Jackie Christie decides she is going to have a talk with Sundy and Malaysia in the same room. Jackie is stirring the pot again.

So far, Jackie has proven n the last couple episodes that she has no class, just money and money doesn’t buy class. Maybe Jackie Christie could go to etiquette school.

But in an upcoming episode, Jackie claims she doesn’t understand why Draya is upset with her because there’s really no right environment to give someone that kind of news.

When confronted by Brandi Maxiell, Jackie says:

“There ain’t no wrong environment. F**k that.”

Of course, Sundy feels she could weigh in on an issue because everyone knows, even Malaysia:

She states:

“Er’rybody knows anyway. So I don’t get the point whether she told her by herself or whether she told her…

“Er’rybody know. You know, I know, Malaysia knows, [censored] er’rybody knows…”