Basketball Wives LA Recap: Let The Feuds Begin


Basketball Wives LA Recap: Let The Feuds Begin

Basketball Wives LA is back for season 3 with another vivacious season of back-stabbing, caddiness, brawls, throwdowns and heartwarming moments with Jackie Christie, Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo the newbies.

If you’ve seen Basketball Wives LA then you know how easy it is to get addicted to this series. However, with season 3 the cast has added some newbies, Sundy Carter, Brittish Williams and Brandi Maxiell, to BBWLA lineup that are sure to stir the pot and cause major drama.

Tonight kicks off with Draya Michele speaking to Malaysia on her happiness and her new relationship with Orlando Scandrick. Draya tells Malaysia that she feels like Orlando is the one. Now this is obviously a lead up to some major drama that looks to cause a riff between Draya and Jackie Christie’s new found friendship, but we will watch it play out this season.

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In a different part of Los Angeles, Jackie Christie and Brittish talk about infidelity. Jackie tries to tell Brittish that she needs to have some standard about her man, but the newbie cast memeber feels the don’t tell don’t know theroy is best.

See Brittish Williams is the fiancee to Lorenzo Gordon, which she feel that they will NEVER break up, but she’s on a reality TV show now and we’ll see if her engagement will last the test of TV.

Jackie invites some ladies of the league to meet and plan an event, but as the new girls get to know each other, the claws come out, when Brandi confronts Sundy about her daughter and the infamous peen photo Brittish makes a point to weigh in and tell her she was wrong. Brandi and Brittish instantly go head to head bickering at each other about peoples privacy.

Brandi brings up a sore subject for Sundy while Ariane rehashes the past with Draya.


The only problem is when Draya gets put on the chopping block in regards to her ex, who also happens to be Ariane’s baby daddy and she is obviously NOT over him. Draya Michele is nolonger with him since she has been dating Orlando. And Ariane’s ex-baby daddy is engaaged to another woman, so Draya feels she needs to take that up with the new woman in his life.


However, Brittish feels the need to ask her is she is a whore?

Instantly the women go at it with Draya getting the last word. She makes a valid point that shuts all the newbies down. Draya points out “I’m the samthing all of you were before you got your ring!”


It’s only the first episode and the ladies already have their nails sharpen and ready to scratch each others eyes out.


Watch Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Episode 2 FULL below:

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