Basketball Wives LA: Brandi Calls Draya Fake


Basketball Wives LA: Brandi Calls Draya Fake

Last night on Basketball Wives LA: Brandi Calls Draya Fake after the two BBWLA stars face off at Brandi’s cancer charity event. BBWLA was filled with drama and shade. has the highlights of on Basketball Wives LA Episode 40:

Brandi and Jason go to couples therapy.

Watch Brandi and Malaysia discuss Draya’s harsh comments about Brandi’s cancer:


Can Brandi trust Jason again?

Watch Brandi and Jason have a breakthrough during their couples therapy session:

Shaunie’s teen son wants to discuss moving out. Meanwhile, Angel’s mother tells her to get over Tyreke.

Watch Angels talks to her mom, Silva, about her future with Tyreke:

Brandi is unable to forgive Draya after she tells her that her cancer storyline is boring.

The basis of Basketball Wives LA 4 episode 408 was all about Brandi Maxiell and Draya Michele.

After last week with Draya being the odd woman out of the group, it was a big mystery if she was going to show for the charity event for Brandi Maxiell.

Watch when Draya tries to talk to Brandi at her cancer event, Brandi calls out Draya on her negative cancer comments:

When Draya shows, Brandi shades here claiming that Draya said some very nasty things to her when the cameras were off. She also believes that Draya only showed up to her event because she hopes that the blogs will talk about her to keep her relevant.

She is untrue and a false friend. Brandi is done with Draya! She is a sucky individual!


Watch the full episode below:

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