Bang Em Smurf Dishes on 50 Cent, Supreme McGriff + NYPD

Bang Em Smurf Dishes on 50 Cent, Supreme McGriff + NYPD

By now you all know that 50 Cent and The NYPD have been going head to head publically and why Emmanuel Gonzalez told cops to “shoot on sight.”

Now, former G-Unit member Bang Em Smurf just spilled some tea speaking about 50 Cent and Supreme McGriff‘s relationship and how it all came crumbling down. Read on… reports that former G-Unit member Bang Em Smurf did an interview recently talking about some deep rooted history on how 50 Cent’s lyrics played a role in Supreme McGriff indictment.

When asked what happened Bang Em Smurf stated:

They [NYPD] used 50 Cent’s lyrics” to arrest Supreme McGriff…It was the lyrics 50 was spittin…They used his lyrics in da man trial.

The tea is Griff, who was a bigtime Queens crack distributor felt 50’s 2000 track “Ghetto Qu’ran” portrayed too much of his criminal activity.

Report Card Radio asked if Fif would testify?

Bang Em Smurf didn’t believe that Fiddy would testify, however, Smurf does imply that the music was enough to bring Preme down.

I don’t think he would have testified, he had too much at stake. He’ll just go and say, listen to the music.

He adds:

Two months ago Smurf told a story about how Jimmy Henchman tried to check Fifty, but it didn’t quite work. Now, Smurf tells another story about how Preme came to the block one day to talk with Fifty.

Preme used to come to the block to talk with Fifty. This is a fact. He came to talk to Fifty and put his hand on top of Fifty’s head. So Fifty pushed his hand off and put his hand on Preme’s head. Ahh man, Preme ain’t like that.

He even speaks on the day before 50 Cent got shot. Wait until you hear the details…

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