Azealia Banks Calls RZA a CHUMP

Azealia Banks Calls RZA a CHUMP


Well if RZA was thinking about signing Azealia Banks he might think twice about it. Since Azealia Banks Calls RZA a CHUMP!!!

Azealia Banks is making sure that no one wants to deal with her calling him a chump and more derogatory things on the flip…

Azealia Banks Calls RZA a CHUMP is SHOCKED that RZA took a ratchet **e to a private Hollywood party? What was he thinking?

Azealia Banks explains that she was at Russell Crowe’s party for over six hours before things went left. She says that she is rapper who uses colloquialism all the time, so the way she talks is ok?

Huh? Banks has that twisted, its RATCHET!

Banks also says that RZA did NOTHING! He didn’t stand up for her and have her back, which really makes her story sound FRAUDULENT. But Azealia assures that she is 100 about what went down in Crowe’s hotel room.

She also says that she’s cutting all ties with RZA after he didn’t stand up for her during and after the incident. The “Ice Princess” rapper says RZA just sat there while Crowe physically assaulting her at a private party.

None of this sounds to be true. Were there guns pointed at the other guest heads or something? Was RZA tied to the chair or did he feel the same way about Banks being unprofessional and ratchet?

Azealia Banks SLAMS RZA + Russell Crowe!

This is where the insults start. Azealia Banks says:

“RZA doesn’t have much clout in a room full of real, high-powered Hollywood white men… he just stood there like a chump.”

She adds:

“If these guys can chump you out like that, that’s not somebody I need to attach myself to… I can’t be represented by some chump.”

Well she can consider those ties all BURNED!

In addition, to calling RZA a CHUMP, Banks claims that Crowe “called me a n–ger, choked me, threw me out and spat on me.”

Did he Azaelia?

She also says that the incident started over “bruising male egos” and “a lot of trying to put me in my place.”

She added:

It “kind of backfired, ’cause I’m just as quick and witty.”

Meanwhile, Crowe and several witnesses present at the party have denied Banks, insisting that she was the aggressor


She also posted this message on Facebook, which was quickly deleted:

Azealia Banks Calls RZA a CHUMP

Then, just a few hours ago, Banks posted this on instagram:

Azealia Banks Calls RZA a CHUMP


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