Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 2 Full Video


Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 2 Full Video

Can’t wait for Monday to come and watch what happens with Tameka Foster and Torrei Hart on the 2nd episode of Atlanta Exes?

Then watch it now and find out what happens next with the ex-wives of Ne-Yo, Cee Lo Green, Kevin Hart and Usher Raymond. In this episode, Tameka’s true colors are revealed as goes behind Sheree’s back to her BFF telling her that Sheree is a bad mother.

Um, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, because we all know her son was killed because of lack of parental guidance at the lake. Usher was the first to respond to her son in the hospital and he had to fly her in to Atlanta since she was off trying to make a name in entertainment for herself.

The drama all goes down when Sheree meets with her best friend, Monica, to learn what Tameka has been saying behind her back.

Here is what also happens on the second episode of Altanta Exes:

On the second episode of Atlanta Exes, we got to know this sisterhood of southern women a bit more and we learned a few very important things. Actually, make that one important thing:Tameka Raymond is not shy about voicing her opinion. Whether she’s criticizing Sheree for popping off with her own of-age daughter, or judging Christina for dating a man whose separation is not yet final, Tameka proved she is the queen of sizing you up with a LOOK. Case in point, we’d like to highlight some of the funniest shade-throwing moments from episode two — not just from Tameka, but credit where credit is due, she does give the best side-eye of all

It’s getting hot in the A: