Ashley Judd: I’ll See You in Court Harvey Weinstein

Ashley Judd: I'll See You in Court Harvey Weinstein

On Friday it was reported that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein may have reached a tentative $44 million settlement with some of the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, but NOT Ashley Judd!

Nope Ashley Judd vs Harvey Weinstein is a whole other case all on its own that why Ashley is like I’ll See You in Court Harvey Weinstein. Read on…

Ashley Judd: I'll See You in Court Harvey Weinstein reports that Judd who filed a lawsuit in April 2018 claiming that Weinstein sabotaged her career after she spurned his sexual advances, let the world know she intends to see him in court.

We have the latest breaking news on Ashley Judd vs Harvey Weinstein…

Ashley Judd SOUNDED OFF on social media Tweeting:

My lawsuit against #harveyweinstein is ongoing and I intend to take him to court.

Ashley Judd: I'll See You in Court Harvey Weinstein

As of yet, Judd has NOT released any comments regarding the case except for this tidbit.

Judd specified that she was “not a party of any settlement” with Weinstein.

Ashley Judd: I'll See You in Court Harvey Weinstein

If you recall, Judd was one of the first women to speak out against Weinstein, telling The New York Times that he came onto her after inviting her to his hotel room in late 1996 or early 1997. She said he tried to massage her and asked her to watch him take a shower. She said she refused and walked out.

In response to Judd’s filing, a spokesman for Weinstein insisted the former producer had not defamed or interfered with Judd’s career.

Two years later, Judd said she was up for a part in “The Lord of the Rings” but did not get it because Weinstein smeared her reputation. According to Judd Harvey told director Peter Jackson that both she and actress Mira Sorvino were a “nightmare to work with.”

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