Are Ashanti and Game Smashing

Are Ashanti and Game Smashing


Could this be true? We are hearing a new rumor that Ashanti and Game are allegedly smashing behind rapper Game’s girlfriend’s back???

Get the hot tea spilling on the flip about rapper Game and Ashanti on the flip…

Are Ashanti and Game Smashing

We just caught wind of a new rumor that surfaced online via IOB. The rumor is claiming that Ashanti and Game have been spending a lot of time together while she has been out in Los Angeles. has learned via a source, who claims that Ashanti and The Game have been spotted in a number of places like the strip club, the gym and some hot spots around the LA area.

Here is what Industry on Blast is reporting:

“?????????? It looks like #Ashanti ?? is up to her old ways of messing with other women men.She has been in LA with her sis who lives out there now and she has been hanging with #TheGame A lot.At the gym working out together,at the strip club and regular clubs as well.They were just together last night at A 90’s club in La but they didn’t show one another on their snap chats this time…

…You can just hear their voices in the back and they both posted about being at A 90’s club now the shady part is he Game has been seeing Amelia #DarnellDockett’s children’s Mother for the past 7 months.No one knows about them but that is his new girl that he referred to on one of his balleralert clap backs about Joseline Hernandez. he stated that he has A girl with A day job .I’m sure y’all remember that Darnell Dockett was Ashanti old boyfriend up until November bc he dumped her for some girl Steph so it’s really funny how she’s been hanging with the Game now that Amelia is with him.”

Are Ashanti and Game Smashing

Since being spotted out means nothing unless they confirm or more evidence is revealed we will file this as gossip!

What do you believe? Do you think Game and Ashanti are smashing or do you think it’s all lies?

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